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Strange Country

Sometimes you need to have a glass of wine, cuppa whatever and listen to a good old weird story. Musical score Resting Place by A Cast of Thousands.

Jul 28, 2022

It’s summertime, Readers, and that means time to cautiously hit the road, head to the skies, climb aboard (that’s what she said). No really. Kelly said that—be sure to laugh during the intro to today’s episode. We do hope you are all catching some time to travel this summer, and we have a few tips to keep you worldly but stable. Mostly don’t join a cult. You may not even know it is happening. We doubt that though since listening to us keeps you sharp enough to spot a cult miles away–or does it? In today’s episode learn how Kelly innocently brings her family to yet another cult experience, this time at a Yellow Deli, a known front for the Twelve Tribes. Haven’t heard of TT? Well strap in…ew…and listen up! Thanks always Dash Hounds for your listening love!

Theme music: Big White Lie by A Cast of Thousands

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