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Strange Country

Sometimes you need to have a glass of wine, cuppa whatever and listen to a good old weird story. Musical score Resting Place by A Cast of Thousands.

May 2, 2019

Hey Dash Hounds! (Why do we call you that anyway? Listen to today's episode and you'll find out) It's baseball season and high time Kelly and Beth took a swing at a good old-fashioned baseball story full of death, sadness, and inappropriate jokes. Listen to today's episode as we retell the story of the 1920 Pennant Race between the Yankees (have you ever heard of them?) and the Cleveland Indians (when are they going to change their name already?). Cantankerous Carl Mays was pitching against the lovable Ray Chapman when one of the worst accidents in baseball history happened. Tune in and enjoy-grab a beer and a dog for this one- even if it's breakfast time!

Much appreciation to all baseball researchers and especially Mike Sowell, author of the 1989 book The Pitch That Killed.

Theme music: Resting Place by A Cast of Thousands.