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Strange Country

Sometimes you need to have a glass of wine, cuppa whatever and listen to a good old weird story. Musical score Resting Place by A Cast of Thousands.

Feb 16, 2023

What drives someone to pretend to have a serious illness? In this episode of Strange Country, cohosts Beth and Kelly discuss two women who convinced friends, loved ones and colleagues that they were dying.

Theme music: Big White Lie by A Cast of Thousands

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Kettler, Sara. “The Story of Gypsy Rose...

Feb 9, 2023

Hello dear readers! Happy Listening Love month! Join Beth and Kelly as we try to learn the real story of Afong Moy, the first Chinese woman immigrant in America. 1834 was the year when middle-class Americans were looking to spend some cash at Marshalls, but could only attend exploitative shows featuring Afong. Learn as...

Feb 2, 2023

As librarians, Beth and Kelly know Bigfoot books are located in the nonfiction section; the 001s for the unexplained, yet to be definitively proved. But for Bigfootaphiles, the penultimate proof is a nearly minute-long shaky film of a sasquatch walking near a creek bed shot in 1967 in northern California. Strange...